Update for "Living the Legacy" education campaign

Wed, 11 Feb 1998 17:13:55 EST


The "Living the Legacy" education campaign is a multifaceted program initiated
by the National Women's History Project to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of
the Women's Rights Movement throughout 1998. "Living the Legacy" has been
formally endorsed by over one hundred national and state women's

Elements of the campaign include:

The unifying logo for "Living the Legacy: The Women's Rights Movement
1848-1998," provided upon request, without charge, for all non-commercial

An award-winning site on the world wide web <<http://www.Legacy98.org>>
providing a detailed timeline of Women's Rights Movement events, an overview
essay, a state-indexed list of planned celebrations, links to contemporary
U.S. women's history and women's rights organizations, a sample proclamation,
information about a Student Essay Project, program ideas, and commemorative
program planning supplies.

An activity organizing guide for community and workplace program planners
($6.50 +s/h), with specific program ideas, planning strategies, and lists of
useful resources.

A Student Essay Project for grades K-12 on the topic of the Women's Rights
Movement and the men and women who have promoted it. Each entry will be
acknowledged with a token award; all responses will be archived.

A twenty-page "Living the Legacy: The Women's Rights Movement 1848-1998,"
informational gazette ($1), with a detailed chronology (suitable for posting),
two essays about the history of the movement, commentary from contemporary
American women on the significance of the Women's Rights Movement, lists of
resources and a sample of scheduled events.

The commemorative poster, "Living the Legacy: The Women's Rights Movement
1848-1998" ($6.50 +s/h)featuring text from the 1848 Declaration of Sentiments,
a timeline of pivotal events, and photographs of activities and people who
have moved America toward women's equality.

A 15-minute speech, "Living the Legacy: The Women's Rights Movement 1848-1998"
($7.50 +s/h) about the history and relevance of the Women's Rights Movement,
which people with no historic background will be able to deliver with aplomb.

A ten-panel, lavishly-illustrated timeline, "150 Years for Equality" ($20
+s/h) featuring events, mementos, and personalities of particular importance
during the course of the Women's Rights Movement between 1848 and 1998.

A Legacy98 listserv to enable rapid communication between event planners to
share resource and strategy ideas via the internet.

A national media campaign to encourage attention to the 150th Anniversary in
popular magazines and assist local and regional media in developing articles
about the topic.

An information clearinghouse for the media and others, providing the history
of the Women's Rights Movement, referrals to topical experts, print resources,
and planned celebration activities. Information is available by phone, fax,
or e-mail.

and wide range of keepsake items featuring the 150th Anniversary logo,
including a cloisonne pin, metal button, bookmark, porcelain mug, flexible
magnet, T-shirt, polo shirt, and sweatshirt.

Mary Ruthsdotter
National Women's History Project
7738 Bell Road, Windsor, CA 95492

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