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Robert Weverka (
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 21:18:05 -0500

Linda Purrington wrote:
> Oh, really? Are girls really doing all that much better than boys in the
> UK? Do advances carry out into the adult world? What are your criteria?
> What are your stats and sources? Linda

Yes, All indications I have seen show girls doing better
than boys overall in both the UK and in the USA.

A good source for UK data is:
Statistics of Education
Public Examinations GCSE and GCE In England
Department for Education and Employment Statistical Volume

For data on the U.S. I have numerous citations to the NCES
showing relative performance of boys and girls. If anyone
is interested I can post pointers to this and to indications
of how this flip-flop in relative perfomance by gender has
translated to make up in the younger part of the work force.

Robert Weverka <>

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