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Linda Purrington (lpurring@earthlink.net)
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Weverka <weverka@optivision.com>:
> > Girls have been doing better than boys for about 25 years,
> > but the gap is increasing more and more and the impact
> > is inevitable.

> > The result? The future is female. The message
> > from employers is clear; no qualifications, no job.

Purrington: We have not yet seen any reason to believe that the male
control of top jobs will be ceded to female achievement; in fact, the
hullaballoo against affirmative action is intended to ensure precisely
the opposite. The fact that women are passing the bar in record--even
majority numbers--means little if they are shunted into paralegal clerk
positions and shouldered out of important legal work and political
positions. At present 1 percent of school superintendents in the US are
female; and, again, I point to the Senate. Title IX was passed in 1972,
and has never been enforced. I'm delighted with your stats; they prove
the nonenforcment of gender equity laws and the systematic
disadvantaging of girls like nothing else could. Now let's see your
stats for the US.
Myra and David Sadker published FAILING AT FAIRNESS: HOW AMERICA'S
SCHOOLS CHEAT GIRLS--Scribner's 1994; the American Association of
University Women published HOW SCHOOLS SHORTCHANGE GIRLS shortly before
that. An excellent source for research on the situation is the Wellesley
Center for Research on Women (Wellesley, Massachusetts).

Linda Purrington <lpurring@earthlink.net>

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