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Linda Purrington (lpurring@earthlink.net)
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 19:43:51 -0800

Robert Weverka <weverka@optivision.com> wrote:
> Yes, All indications I have seen show girls doing better than boys overall in
both the UK and in the USA.

LP: exactly what indications?

> > Are girls really doing all that much better than boys in the
> > UK? Do advances carry out into the adult world? What are your criteria?

Weverka: For data on the U.S. I have numerous citations to the NCES
showing relative performance of boys and girls. If anyone is interested
I can post pointers to this and to indications of how this flip-flop in
relative perfomance by gender has translated to make up in the younger
part of the work force.

LP: to make up what? Yes, by all means, give exact figures and
citations. Let's discuss this. It's particularly interesting given the
publication of the statisitics in Myra and David Sadker's books, the
AAUW's publication program, and the huge wage differential and
differential in positions in the computer science and engineering
professions--not to mention the Senate.

Linda Purrington <lpurring@earthlink.net>

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