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A great resource:


The State of World Population 1997
Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health
United Nations Population Fund
Dr. Nafis Sadik, Executive Director
[Fran=E7ais] [Espa=F1ol]
Copyright =A9 UNFPA 1997


INTRODUCTION: Rights, Empowerment and Development

BOXES :=20
. Reproductive Health Access Up, Fertility and Population Growth Down
. Integrating Reproductive Rights into the Treaty Monitoring Process
. ICPD on Reproductive Health and Rights=20

Reproductive Health and Human Rights
The Legal Framework
Components of Reproductive and Sexual Rights
Reforming Laws and Policies
Why Rights Matter
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
The Women's Convention
'Women are Entitled to Decide'
IPPF Charter on Sexual and Reproductive Rights
Sexuality and Gender Relations
The Right to Family Planning
South African Constitution
Systematic Sexual Violence Against Rwandan Women

Rights for Sexual and Reproductive Health
Poor Women, Poor Health
Complications of Pregnancy
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Female Genital Mutilation
Reproductive Health Services
The Life Cycle Approach
Integrated Health Programmes: Treating the Person in Context
Prenatal Care, Attended Births
Quality of Care
Choice of Family Planning Methods
Unmet Needs for Reproductive Health
Lifting the Barriers
AIDS: The Right to Protection
HIV/AIDS Spreads in Former Soviet Republics
Abortion and the International Community
=91Give Up Harmful Practices, not Culture'
The Health Consequences of FGM
Culturally Sensitive Campaign to Eliminate FGM
Components of Reproductive Health Care
Comprehensive Services for Palestinian Women
When Will Japan Lift Ban on the Pill?
Meeting Unmet Family Planning Needs in Rajasthan, India
Restriction of Sterilization in Brazil

Sexual and Reproductive Self-determination
Adolescent Sexuality Voluntarism and Marriage
Pregnancy and Childbirth: Intention and Reality
The Principle of Non-coercion
Violence Against Women
Adolescents' Right to Reproductive Health Services
Chilean Youth Given a Forum to Discuss Their Sexuality
ICPD Programme of Action on Incentives
Reproductive Health Care Now Guaranteed in All Emergencies

Reproductive Rights and Sustainable Development
Gender Equality
Promoting Education
Attacking Poverty
India Adopts ICPD Goals, but Gender
Inequality Runs Deep

Challenges and Needs
Enabling Rights
Towards Better Sexual and Reproductive Health
Implementing the ICPD Programme of Action

NGOs Track Post-ICPD Progress
Youth Training and Peer Counselling on Reproductive Health
NGOs Promote ICPD Implementation

TABLES (Acrobat PDF files)

Monitoring ICPD Goals=97Selected Indicators

Demographic, Social and Economic Indicators

Selected Indicators for Less Populous Countries/Territories

Notes for Indicators

(Acrobat PDF files)

Figure 1. Maternal Mortality Ratios, 1990

Figure 2. Causes of Maternal Death, 1990

Figure 3. New Cases of Curable STDs Among Adults, 1995

Figure 4. Deaths from Unsafe Abortion

Figure 5. Antenatal Care and Institutional Delivery

Figure 6. Access to Contraception, 1994

Figure 7. Births to Women Under 20 and Over 35, 1990=961995

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