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Linda Purrington (
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 19:10:58 -0800

To which sex/gender are you giving this class?
Are you aware that Title IX, following the precedents set in Brown v.
Board of Education, forbids academic activities that separate girls and
boys by sex?
We feel strongly that the reasons given by the U.S. Supreme Court
against permitting apartheid are compelling. It is more effective and
more appropriate to deal with the problem directly; that is, to separate
from the school anyone who cannot behave appropriately toward the
disadvantaged gender.
Have you considered the history of same-sex classes in Philadelphia,
Detroit, and Baltimore,and the legal challenges to them? Linda
Purrington, Title IX Advocates <>

Doug C. McNamara wrote:
> I'm new to the list, and normally wouldn't post so soon, but I'm
> starting an experiment that I could use some feedback on. I teach
> math and science in a public high school in Minneapolis, and in a few
> weeks I'll be starting a single-sex 9th-grade physical science class.
> Anybody with any experience in this area might drop me a line to let
> me know what their impressions/results were. I'd like to be prepared
> to address as many issues as possible before they arise.
> (Administration has given the okay, but parents have not yet been
> informed.)
> Doug McNamara

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