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Thu, 19 Feb 98 09:28:22 -0700

Thanks for your resources, Susan. I just attended a talk in St. Louis
by Faye Wattleton and learned that she is establishing a Center for
Gender Equality with a focus on systematically examining the state of
equity for all students and gathering data to assist us in
understanding what is really occurring. This may assist previous
discussants in defining "doing better" and other vague terms and help
us in beginning to address the issue for females/males, high ses/low
ses, racial differences, ethnic differences, etc.

I have no citation or web site for the center. If anyone knows it,
will you please share it?


Marty Henry

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Subject: International Initiatives
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In response to your initial question, the U.K. was included on my research
list for several reasons. First, we want to compile information that will allow
us to compare gender equity efforts in both developing and industrialized

Susan J. Smith
WEEA Equity Resource Center at EDC

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