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Thu, 19 Feb 1998 22:24:43 EST

of a ten year old and we began to become interested in the question of gender
equity in educatiom when we began to realize what was happening to our
daughter in school. Firt the GYM, then History, then Social Studies and now
music. The teacher gave them a list of 35 male composers and when our daughter
inquired why there were no women the teacher said that ''at that time there
weren't any women that composed. We went to the INTERNET and pulled out a list
of 330 women composers just from a short period from the early 1700's to 1760.
The teacher refused to include some of these names so now we are going to
approcah the Superintendent and the Board.of Ed. TITLE IX is a household word
in our home. Our daughter has experienced ''first hand'' at this tender age.
Yes, it should become a ''slang'' word for teen agers. My daughter is a First
Division soccer player. We also
forced the school to place her in the highest math class(her standarized
was less than it should have been ) and she got First Honors this quarter
an A-plus in Math. I read somewhere that ''raising a daughter is a political
act'' and
that has turned out to be very true for us. We will continue to fight for the
right of our
daughter not to be exluded and ignored by those who are supposed to be
her''educators''. We will continue to challenge her treatment and those of
all female students in the future. We will continue this struggle because its
worth every effort.
We will continue to demand that her teachers treat her and her classmates with
respect and consideration every step of her educational journey. that is our
promise to our daughter and we believe ''a gift'' which she will carry on and
apply to all aspects of her life. Adri Lesemann <>

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