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Subject: LOC Fellowship for Teachers 6-12
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Hi Folks,

I don't remember ever seeing this in my e-mail box here at EDC but I did get it
through a school mailing list that I'm on. I thought it might be of interest.

Subject: [Fwd: LOC Fellowship for Teachers 6-12]
From: "H.L. Fuller" <hlf@post.harvard.edu> at Internet
Date: 2/20/98 7:57 AM

>My name is Nancy Rosenbaum and I work at the EDC Center for Children and
>Technology in New York City. We are looking for potential applicants
>for a professional development
>program that CCT is organizing in collaboration with the Library of
>We are especially interested in notifying educators of color about our
>and hope that you might be able to help us spread the word.
>For the second year
>in a row, CCT is facilitating the Library's American Memory Fellows
Program, a
>year-long professional development initiative for 6th-12th grade teachers,
>librarians, and technology coordinators from all across the United States.
>These practitioners will be generating and field testing teaching materials
>using the primary sources that can be found on the Library's
>American Memory web
>site (www.loc.gov). If you want to look at the great work that was done
by the
>first group of Fellows this past year, check out our project web site at
>Right now, we are disseminating our 1998 application and
>we would love your help
>in notifying talented racially and ethnically diverse educators who work with
>students at the 6th-12th grade levels about this program. We are looking for
>people who have experience using primary materials to engage students around
>historical inquiries, who are familiar with a variety of educational
>applications, who have significant involvement and leadership roles in
>professional activities (e.g. workshops, conferences, meetings, publications)
>that have an impact on other educators, and who are comfortable using the
>Internet and e-mail in their professional work. The application can be
>downloaded directly from the Library's web site at
>ndlpedu/amfp/form.html but interested applicants can also call or e-mail me
>directly at nrosenbaum@edc.org if they have questions about the program.
>Thank you very much for your help.
>Nancy Rosenbaum
>Research Assistant
>EDC Center for Children and Technology
>(212) 807-4216

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