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Tue, 24 Feb 1998 17:27:37 -0800

Yes, exactly. This is to avoid a situation in which a male-dominated
school system pushes girls out of the funding and facilities needed to
achieve equity. You might say this is already happening, especially in
such clases as computer science and labs; but as long as kids can get
into a class, there is less likelihood of those classes being sealed
off. It sounds like you are handling the situation in a sensitive way!

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jdespain wrote:
> If I have it right, these separate classes can be legally offered as long
> as they are open to the opposite sex. Is this correct?
> Of course, in order to reduce or eventually eliminate this situation noted
> above, pro-active, preventive education is desperately needed, across the
> grades, beginning with a basic "Dignity Education" Curriculum...which
> later includes sex education. Otherwise, this dysfunctional cycle
> continues.
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