Re: equity in private schools
Wed, 25 Feb 1998 00:49:32 -0500

The 14th Amendment does NOT apply to private schools unless they are
intimately associated in some way with the state. Therefore, the
Due Process Clause does NOT apply to private schools. Title IX, on the
other hand DOES apply to private schools if they receive any federal
funding for any educational program. If you still want more info on due
process even though it does not apply to private schools, let me know.
I litigate this stuff all the time.


______________________________________________________________________________ wrote:
> Can someone tell me what "due Process'' is under the 14th Amendment ?
> this is great info. regarding private schools and how they stand regarding
> Titlte IX.
> we were considering private education (6Grade) for our daughter but I believe
> it
> is almost out of the question now. We never put one and one together and yes
> realized that Title Ix would be difficult to enforce in private schools.
> Adri Lesemann <>

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