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Robert - don't confuse single sex schools with single sex classrooms,
which are specifically prohibited in Title IX. And, besides - we
care. We give technical assistance to schools to keep them from
getting sued and spending their precious scarce resources on lawsuits
instead of on teachers and students. Some people run red lights.
Doesn't make it right. How about spending the same amount of money
creating classrooms and school climate that educates equally, toward
the way each student, regardless of gender, learns. By enforcing
sexual harssment policies and encouraging students to take advanced
math and science, etc. we've noticed more assertiveness on the part of
girls and the figuers of gender balance in these classrooms, in
schools I have visited and whose figures I have examined show nearly
equal enrollment by females in these areas. We have a new video
encouraging parents and teachers in practices to eliminate the
gendering of education and increase the number of girls/women in
non-traditional careers. Let's have more of this and less segregation
of any kind.

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Subject: Re: Legality of single-sex education
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Date: 2/24/98 6:57 PM

I don't know if they care about the legality of it,
they do it anyway.

California is setting up single sex public primary and
secondary schools. In doing so they are pairing up schools,
one for each sex and claiming that each has the identical
resources as the matched pair.

Douglass College is a single sex state supported school
which ignores the ruling on United States Vs Virginia et al.

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