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KatherinH (
Wed, 25 Feb 1998 13:55:39 -0500

For those interested in the issues of school to work, education reform, and the
links between academic and workplace learning, I recommend a new book that I am
now reading. Real Learning, Real Work by Adria Steinberg, Rob Riodan and
Margaret Vickers. Adria currently is a program director at Jobs for the Future
in Boston, was an administrator at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School where she
helped developed a highly innovative integrated vocational program, and was the
editor of the Harvard Education Newsletter, as well as author of several
important education report. A very readable collection of chapters, this book
demonstrates how students can learn to "embrace what they learn in t he
classroom when they are able to use the intellectual tools of the sciences and
humanities to make sense of their otuside experience." Real Learning, Real Work
is published by Routledge...i ordered it from the Routledge website.

Katherine Hanson
weea equity resource center at edc

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