Experiences with Single-sexed classes

Thu, 26 Feb 1998 09:44:53 EST

The list's reaction to Doug McNamara's request for assistance is just what he
may expect from his community. It is an on-going debate as issues will be as
our dynamic society continually re-invents itself.

You may want to contact the American Association of University Women and ask
if they can direct you to any Fellows or Grantee that have documented their
experience with single-sexed classes. Also the Girls' Leadership School in
E.Harlem NY was initiated to find a way to offer young girls a positive school
experience. These parents do not accept the argument that their daughter's
educational experience can wait while the society and the system catches up to
the LAW.

Doug, good luck, and I hope you will share both + and - as your new class
takes on its own characteristic.

NYS AAUW Director of Ed/Equity

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