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I had forgotten about that Primetime story, but remember seeing it when it
first aired. Does anyone have information about accessing a copy?

Barbara Tavares
University of Hawaii

On Wed, 25 Feb 1998, Kathy McMahon-Klosterman wrote:

> I think One Fine Day is a terrific (about 7minutes) film for Take Our
> Daughters to Work. The discussion might be about how few of the women
> (foremothers) they know or have ever seen vs. pictures of George Washinton,
> Lincoln, etc. How does this happen and so on.
> Also Primetime Live did a good piece in Oct., 1993 (I think) called The
> Fairer Sex? which follows a man and a women looking for jobs, golf tee
> time, buying a car, etc. It stimulates some very good discussion and might
> lead to how girls make career decisions and how sexist sterotypes might
> interfere with a decision.
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> Kathy McMahon-Klosterman Associate Director of Affirmative Action for
> Women's Issues/ Associate Professor of Educational Psychology
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