WEEA Equity Center Update!


The WEEA Equity Resource Center at EDC is happy to announce our new contract
from the US Department of Education. Under this contract, we will work closely
with the WEEA Program Office within the Office of Elementary and Secondary
Education to provide technical assistance, resources, referrals, and materials
to educators, researchers, administrators, community organizations, and others
in the field striving to make gender equity work for everyone. During the first
year of this 5-year contract, we will focus our work in three areas: Title IX;
math, science, and technology; and disabilities. Each year we will add three
new areas in which we can expand and deepen our resources.

This contract offers us all sorts of exciting new opportunities to become a
more comprehensive national resource center for gender equity with a strong
focus on race, ethnicity, class, disability, and sexual orientation as inter-
related factors that impact on educational outcomes. We also will work to
highlight the benefits of gender-fair education for both males and females and
increase our efforts to encourage women and men, girls and boys to participate
in efforts to achieve gender equity in education.

Our new work includes a major national training and technical assistance
component, the development of on-line professional development seminars, and a
research report to Congress on the status of education in the US. We will
continue to work closely with the national gender equity expert panel, and look
for ways in which to provide you with the latest information on what works. We
will be joined in our work by a number of national organizations, the DACs,
Comprehensive Centers, and other federally funded TA providers. And, we have
developed a group of National WEEA Associates, experts in various aspects of
education and equity, who will help spread the word about gender equity and who
will be available as consultants and TA providers.

As we implement each of these new components, we will update you. In the
meantime, please check out our web site (www.edc.org/womensequity), contact us
for information and referrals, request our catalog or research digests, request
technical assistance, or otherwise use our resources. We're here to help you
make gender equity work for everyone. Let us know how we can help you.

Katherine Hanson
Director, WEEA Equity Resource Center
55 Chapel St
Newton, Ma 02158

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