Re: Re[2]: Legality of single-sex education

Robert Weverka (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 12:51:10 -0500

Linda Purrington wrote:
> Interesting! Can you tell me where these schools are being set up?
> Thanks in advance! Linda Purrington, Title IX Advocates

This is an article on it in
That mentions that there are three this year:
Stockton, San Francisco and Butte Valley
with ten total to come.

Sue Sattel wrote:
>Robert - don't confuse single sex schools with single sex classrooms,
>which are specifically prohibited in Title IX.

I am not sure which (single sex schools or single sex
classrooms) you are saying is prohibited.
Both the examples I gave were public single sex schools.
In the case of the California Schools, they are setting up
one each for both girls and boys.

In the case of Douglass College, New Jersey State College
has no college single sex college for the opposite sex.
While this may not be explicitly covered in Title IX, it
has been ruled on by the Supreme Court in the case against
VMI. Douglass College ignores that ruling.

-Robert <>

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