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Fri, 27 Feb 98 12:20:49 CST

New Moon magazine is, I have heard, a pro-feminist mag for teens. Also
suggest you look at the book Just Girls, by Margaret finders,(available
from Teachers College Press, Columbia University NY NY 10027 or through
NCTE) or articles by her. She is a teacher educator at Purdue (and the
mother of teen girls) who writes about the very mags yr prinicpal pulled
from the shelf and suggests ways to teach girls to read them critically,
in the classroom. Can serve both to teach abt media and to help girls
think abt what kind of women they want to become/what the culture is
pushing them towards.

Sorry have no suggestions on the censorship aspect.



The Superintendent of the Hauppauge school district is in hot water here.
He took Seventeen Magazine,Teens, and YM magazines of the shelved of the
school library. A group of parents aided by some catholic group made a
complain that the magazines had ''too much sex'' in them. Some of the articles
HIM and some equally horrible articles that all they do is re-inforce the
already undermined sense of self esteem of these young girls. The Superintendent
says that ''this kind of reading is not age appropiate. I am totally split on
this issue.
Yes these magazines are not good for the future women of America. No doubt
they are intellectually insulting to some of us. But the sensorship is another
equallly important issue. What can one do when confronted with something
like this? Someone has to suggest to this man that there are other alternative
magazines that tee-agers can read and that are aimed at preserving,
reinforcing and respecting womanhood. A committee of one parent and 4 or 5
teachers voted to put the Mag. back into the shelves but he is refusing.
This is not my school district but one near it. Can soemone send the name of
some of these magazines so that I can let this man know ? He should offer them
as ''alternatives""

Lesemann <>

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