Re: FWD. New bill to make colleges more accessible to women

Susan St. Peter (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 15:34:32 -0500

Thanks for this news. I'm writing from Detroit where a wide network of
people (mostly women) is planning a conference this summer. Women &
Disabilities: Celebrate, Motivate, Organize, and Activate will be June
9-11 at the Detroit Westin Hotel. Susan Daniels (Deputy Commissioner on
Disability, Social Security Administration) and Judith Heumann
(--invited--Assistant Secretary for the Office of Special Education
Programs, U. S. Dept. of Education) will keynote. The Honorable Trudy D.
Archer, 36th District Court (and First Lady of Detroit)will serve as the
Honorary Chairperson.

Anyway it's very exciting and grew out of work we started with a WEEA
funded grant, Bridges to Educational Opportunities and Career
Advancement. With this interest in post-secondary education for women
with disabilities, I am grateful to know that Dale Kildee is working on
behalf of women in higher ed.
Susan St. Peter
Wayne State University/Developmental Disabilities Institute


AnneM wrote:

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> Subject: New bill to make colleges more accessible to women
> Date: 2/26/98 9:56
> (FYI, on a gender equity issue...)
> The Chronicle of Higher Education
> Daily News 2/26/98
> Supporters of New Bill Say It Would Make
> Colleges More Responsive to Women's Needs
> A leading Democratic Congressman introduced legislation
> Wednesday that he said would make colleges more accessibl=
> to female students.
> Representative Dale E. Kildee, the ranking Democrat on th=
e House
> of Representatives Committee on Education and the Workfor=
> said he would push for changes in the Higher Education Ac=
t that
> would allow students who attend college less than half ti=
me to
> receive Pell Grants. Such students are not now eligible f=
> federal student aid under the law, which is up for renewa=
l this
> year.

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