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At 8:41 PM -0800 2/25/98, Linda Purrington wrote:
>I've attached the references from the CA dept of education on
>single-gender academies. Now, does anyone know what legal challenges
>are being mounted, and where these single-gender academies are now being
>set up, and what funds are being used for them? Linda Purrington

Glancing briefly through the Education Code sections you cited, it appears
these schools are being established as a form of magnet or alternative
school, under a district's existing authority to do so. I couldn't say
whether this is legal or not, and I'm not aware of any challenges currently

It may not be possible to challenge them until they're actually applied for
and/or established.

The second code section below doesn't specify what the funding source is,
so I'd guess it's from the General Fund allocation to the State Department
of Education.

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California Education Code

58523. (a) The governing board of a school district receiving a
grant pursuant to this chapter shall establish a single gender
academy as a magnet school pursuant to its general power established
under Section 35160 or an an alternative education magnet school
pursuant to Chapter 3 (commencing with Section 58500).
(b) The governing board of a school district receiving a grant
pursuant to this chapter shall provide a detailed report of the
relative success of the single gender academy to the Superintendent
of Public Instruction, Department of Finance, office of the
Legislative Analyst, Joint Legislative Budget Committee, Senate
Committee on Education, and to the Assembly Committee on Education on
or before January 1, 2000.

58524. The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall allocate two
hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000) for each single gender
academy established pursuant to this chapter to the school district
establishing the academy.

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