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Of course it's discrimination; and if there is a pattern and practice of
not showing women's acheivements and not dealing with women's
contributions, then you have a case under Title IX of the Education
Amendments to the 1964 Civil Rights Act for asking the Office for Civil
Rights of the U.S. Department Of Education to investigate, assess the
situation in the school, and indicate to the school in what ways it is
discriminating and how, and on what time line that environment must be
changed--or risk losing their federal funds. Or, another approach,
which can be done at the same time, write letters to the local papers
and television studios describing the incident and providing a fact
sheet on the law, as well as providing the list of women you found to
fill out the school's approach. If you want to make sure the press pick
up the information, stage a small demonstration outside the school, or
at the school board meetings, giving the press warning that you will be
there, and providing some dramatic visual focal point, such as a picture
of some of the women, and some of their music to play on the radio or
TV. Some of the classrooms are so male-oriented that they might as well
be single-sex already--have you ever hear Jaime Escalante's classrooms
described? All male athletes as role models in math.

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C123S105L wrote:
> Example: If a teacher provides her class with a list of musical or any other
> sort of list where women are left out, and if she then is asked to provide a
> to include a few women or minorities to show a little balance and the teacher
> Can someone please tell me ? well I know it is ''discrimination'' but is this
> Legal discrimination ? covered under soem legal factor of law ?
> Lesemann <>

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