resources: trades/technical careers for girls

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Sun, 1 Mar 1998 15:05:31 -0800 (PST)

the Equity Access to Apprenticeship Resource Kit was developed in British
Columbia and is available from the Open Learning Agency (1 800 663-1653),
with over 100 pages of resources with contact names and numbers. It also
has excellent descriptions of what some of the barriers are for the various
equity groups: women, visible minorities, aboriginal people, persons with
disabilities, and some extended descriptions of effective initiatives that
have been undertaken in the US and Canada.

Also, Kootenay WITT has a number of resources developed specifically to
assist teachers and young women to explore a greater range of career

>What is the title and where do we get this video?
>Jenny Piazza
>Center for Teaching, Learning and Research
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><<We have a new video
> encouraging parents and teachers in practices to eliminate the
> gendering of education and increase the number of girls/women in
> non-traditional careers. Let's have more of this and less segregation
> of any kind. >>
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