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Mon, 2 Mar 1998 22:49:10 EST

dear Linda: thank you so much for your reply. I have been pondering and
pondering this question and have been in contact with Jane Sheeran Gender
Equity Director from AAWW, and she was not completely sure of what was
happening here. Although we both clearly agreed that this was blatant
discrimination we did not know if this
incident could be extended to some ''legal definition'' that would prohibit
it. My husband and I hand delivered a letter to the Board of Education, out
Title IX
coordinator, Dr.Saffer, our school principal and the superintendent of school
Brande. They are pretty open minded people but we await their official
response to
our complain-letter. We of course know that first of all these people are
burauocrats and will find ways to ''sweep it all under the rug'' but we hope
for a very positive response before we proceed. this is the 3th incident of
discrimination agains girls and the second very specif one concerning our
daughter. In the incident before this one our daughter was told by the GYM
teacher that she and the other girls had to go second because
that way they could learn from the boys. This was told to her in a mean
sarcastic way when my daughter asked the teacher why the ''boys always went
first'' My daughter is a first division soccer player and yesterday she won a
trophy in a
tournament for ""best offensive player'' out of ten girl teams. The GYM
teacher did
not denied this comment and said she ''could prove'' boys were better and
girls only
knew hot to ''squeal'' in the GYM in fron of the title IX
coordinator!!!!!!!!YES. believe it or not.
Thanks for your suggestion and will keep you informed.
Adriana Lesemann

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