Re: Gender equity awareness/interactions

Equitymk (
Tue, 3 Mar 1998 08:26:49 EST

To Nancy Brockman:

For coding teacher classroom interactions, Contact GrayMill, 22821 Cove View
Street, Canyon Lake, CA 92587 Phone 909/246-2106. E-mail
They publish Genderating Expectations for Student Achievement (GESA), formerly
Gender/Ethnic Expectatons and Student Achievement, a training program for
teachers that includes coding outlines for teacher observation of each other.
The teacher's manual also inlcudes a Teachers' Self-Evaluation of Non-Biased
Behavior and several climate assessments for classrooms.

The materials have been used all over the country to train teachers to
evaluate their classroom behavior. Validation information is included in the

Melissa Keyes
Madison, Wisconsin

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