Re: Gender equity awareness/interactions
Tue, 03 Mar 98 09:15:11 CST

The book Toward Gender Equity in the Classroom by J(anice?) Steitmatter has
in the back the questionairre she used in talking to teachers about
their awareness of gender equity issues. It's put out by Albany: State
University of New York press. If you haven't seen it already, take a
look. It's a great book!

I am a psychology undergraduate student. For my senior research project, I will
be observing and interviewing teachers regarding gender equity awareness and
student/teacher interactions in the primary grades. I am looking for an existing
survey oe questionaire that I could use to assess teacher awareness of gender
bias in the classroom. I am also looking for an observation system to code
gender participation and interactions. If you know where I could obtain this or
any information on developing my own I would appreciate any direction you could
give me.
Thank you,

Nancy Brockman

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