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Agreed. Perhaps we could coin a new phrase. I call it High Wage
...High Skills.

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>Subject: Re: Take Our Daughters to Work
>We will never get very far by continuing to call trades, technology, science
>and engineering "nontraditional occupations", when the desire for young
>women is often towards peer sameness. They don't want to be nontraditional
>, they want to be just like everyone else, except they want to do
>interesting work and make good money. Calling it nontraditional, instead of
>just describing the kinds of occupations we are talking about:trades,
>technology, science and engineering, is a diservice to our young women.
>Marcia Braundy
>Good short 15 min. video for Take our Daughters to Work is called
>>Nontraditional Occupations for Women. The quality is excellent. The
>>price is right $15. It was produced by a large coalition of public and
>>private partners including NYSDOL and ED, NYNEX and Amherst NY Branch
>>Send request to Leslie Gerace
>> Pres. Amherst Branch AAUW
>> 159 Fairways Blvd
>> Williamsville, NY 14221
>>I bought a copy for my own personal library would recommend it for 9-15
>>year old audience. It does stimulate discussions about career choices.
>>Jane Sheeran
>>NYS AAUW Director Ed/Equity
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>>Get completely free e-mail from Juno at
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>Marcia Braundy
>Advocate for women in trades, technology, operations and blue collar work
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>will always reach me from here.

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