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Wed, 04 Mar 1998 20:51:52 -0500

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Ask the principal or superintendent for a copy of their grievance
procedure and any forms for a complaint. Follow the steps. Make sure
that you also send copies to each school board member. Where are you
located? I might be able to hook you up with a Title IX lawyer.
Kristen Galles, Equity Legal <>

C123S105L wrote:
> Regarding the music teacher's refusal to include women we received phone call
> from Dr.Saffer TItle IX coordinator and also assistant superintendent of our
> distric.
> She said an official reply was on the mail regarding the incident. She siad we
> must understand the incident is ''not isolated'' and it is an ''overall''
> problem. Yes it is a general problem but this is the Third incident in this
> school concerning discrimination. I told her rather indirectly that we would
> proceed to find a way for this teacher to understand that her actions are
> discriminatory and that we are not
> going to let it go easy this time. How do we go about entering an official
> complaint
> againt this teacher's actions short of not geting the Office of Civil Rights
> involved yet? Do we ask TIX coordinator for a ''grievance form'' of some kind
> ? How do we
> insure that this goes in this teacher's official school file ? Please advise.
> Lesemann <>

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