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Are you keeping a log of these incidents, in good detail; and then
making sure they all know that you are doing so? Preferably in a bound
notebook. And yesl, file a Title IX report; if they won't take it
through the school (and make sure that it is filed and that you get a
signed and dated copy), then go to the state Title IX board, and each
time you go up in level, file copies with other people and with the
press. Take people with you whenever you go into an interview. That's
for starters, before going to the OCR. (But there's nothing to stop you
from going outside the immediate system; you can work strategy better if
you look around and see who has conflicts of interest; for example, what
the Title IX coordinator owes the district for favors, etc. What the
coach said to your daughter is unf;orgiveable--go to the Women's Sports
foundation, they will send a nice, legal letter of concern to the
teacher with copies to the principal, superintendent, teacher, and local
press, whatever you need.

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C123S105L wrote:
> Regarding the music teacher's refusal to include women we received phone call
> from Dr.Saffer TItle IX coordinator and also assistant superintendent of our
> distric.
> She said an official reply was on the mail regarding the incident. She siad we
> must understand the incident is ''not isolated'' and it is an ''overall''
> problem. Yes it is a general problem but this is the Third incident in this
> school concerning discrimination. I told her rather indirectly that we would
> proceed to find a way for this teacher to understand that her actions are
> discriminatory and that we are not
> going to let it go easy this time. How do we go about entering an official
> complaint
> againt this teacher's actions short of not geting the Office of Civil Rights
> involved yet? Do we ask TIX coordinator for a ''grievance form'' of some kind
> ? How do we
> insure that this goes in this teacher's official school file ? Please advise.
> Lesemann <>

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