Re: Parents want to know how to proceed regarding discrimination
Thu, 5 Mar 1998 02:09:56 -0500

Your school system should have an offical Title IX grievance policy. (it's
required under Title IX) You, as a parent, should have been given info
about it at the begining of the schoolyear. (you may have seen a reference
to it in the list of policies that go out the first week of school, or it
may be in the school's student handbook.)

the grievance policy should lay out the steps -- usually sending a letter
to the Title IX coordianator is a way to start. Usually involvement of OCR
is the final step, if you can't get resolution at the local level.

You can't just put something in a teachers file, there are controls on
that, but it is possible IF the district finds in your favor in the

Ray Rose


Regarding the music teacher's refusal to include women we received phone
call from Dr.Saffer TItle IX coordinator and also assistant superintendent of
our district.....

Lesemann <>

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