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An interesting, nonfrivolous case could be made for giving women even
more education, since an average male worker with a high school
education makes more per year than a woman who has graduated from
college. (Need a standard for deciding the value of education--economic
opportunity?) Linda Purrington, Title IX Advocates (and yes, you can use
the 14th Amendment)

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Robert Weverka wrote:
> Susan J. Smith wrote:
> >
> > An examination is underway to figure out what is happening
> > to which girls and which boys. For example, there is a concern that reform
> > efforts undertaken in the 1980s and early 1990s that took a color-blind
> approach and used the principles and discipline of the market-place as a means
of raising standards for every child have, in fact, increased black-white
inequality in English educational system. [See "Young black and failed by
school: the  market, education reform and black students," David Gillborn,
International Journal of Inclusive Education, Vol. 1, No. 1, January-March 1997,
pp. 65-87.]

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