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Marty Henry (
Thu, 05 Mar 98 09:25:59 -0700

Congratulations, Jane, to you, your husband, and your son. As mothers,
we can hope that we have instilled in all of our sons the value of
women as well as men. One by one we will make a difference for our
future daughters and sons.

Marty Henry

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Subject: Re: Re[2]: profeminist men
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Date: 3/3/98 8:45 AM

As a new parent, my husband and I talked about what kind of adult we hoped our
son would be. I felt that in 20 years, society would need men that like
women. This is not a joke. To be a friend and to have a friend the world.

This was the vision through which Andy saw the world. It was the vision with
which we helped him make decisions about relationship, in and out of school.

Andy is now a young man, 22 on March 5th. Every time I saw Happy Birthday to
my son, I also honor the memory of Myra Sadker.

This is not very academic and yet it is. Mothers have long been charge with
the design of the future. I was just lucky enough to given the opportunity to
make a contribution.
Jane Sheeran

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