RE: A New Website for Education Equity

Kevin Nies (
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 08:01:35 -0800

To all subscribers of Edequity

I would to announce a new website I have put up at Geocities for
education equity in the physical sciences, especially physics.

There are two URLs by which you can reach The Hypatia Institute:


At The Hypatia Institute, you will find a Gateway of links to sites
about women scientists in history, mentoring links, advice for
students on how to find a supportive dept. in physics, a form to
grade and rate your physics deparment, favorite books (still under
construction), news, a tribute to Hedy Lemarr
(the movie star inventor of spread spectrum devices), the poetry
of Margaret Cavendish (the first lady scientist), quotes from
women scientists, and a virtual maze (still under construction).

Allison Nies <>

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