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Some considerations:

FairTest: Charting a Course for Testing Reform by P. H. Zappardino [article
in The Clearing House Vol. 68, 1995, pp. 248-252 [in general the
organization FairTest would be a good contact/resource, although I don't
have contact info. for them]

The SAT Gender Gap: Identifying the Causes by Phyllis Rosser [book; good
but a bit older--1989]

NCAA's Use of Standardized Test Scores Discriminate Against Women by Donna
A. Lopiano & Erin Cook [article on pp. 11-12 in The Women's Sports
Experience Feb. 1996 issue--that's a newsletter of the Women's Sports

Why Standardized Tests Are Bad by Terry Meier [chapter (pp. 171-175) in
Rethinking Our Classrooms, a book edited by B. Bigelow, L. Christensen, S.
Karp, B. Miner, & B. Peterson, 1994]

Is It Time To Replace the SAT? by William Beaver [article on pp. 37-39 in
Academe Vol. 82 No. 3, 1996]

The Case Against the SAT by James Crouse & Dale Trusheim [I believe it's a
book that's only a few years old; haven't seen it]

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>Does anyone out their have any references to the reserch on the
>effectiveness of the predicatablity of the SAT for "success" in college in
>particular whether they are biased in their predictiveness or not with
>regard to women and students of color.
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