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Title IX applies to ALL gender discrimination in an educational program
or activity. Sports have just gotten the most press. Title VII
protects employees like teachers and coaches -- although it didn't
before the Title IX amendments also amended Title VII to take out the
exclusion of educational employees. <>


Linda Purrington wrote:
> Thanks! And perhaps you would be willing to clarify some of the
> differences in strength of Title IX and Title VII? I think this is an
> important concept for people to understand. Our hometown paper is still
> referring to Title IX as a sports law. Linda Purrington
> <>
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> PEGGY WEEKS wrote:
> >
> > Am enjoying the open discussion about Title IX, Title VII and the 14th
> > Amendment. Just want to clarify a legal citation: Title IX is cited as
> IX
> > of the 1972 Education Amendments to the Higher Education Act. Title IX
> > is NOT part of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Title VII is part of the Civil
> > Rights Act of 1964. Title IX deals with education and ed agencies
> > receiving fed dollars. Title VII deals with a broader definition of
> > discrimination (more protected classes covered) and deals with
> > employment discrimination involving employers w/ 15 or more employees.
> > I stress this because there is a great deal of confusion "out there" about
> > these statutes. To cite the wrong one can be disasterous. :-)
> >

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