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Understanding of what Title VII covers has just been expanded. It will take a
while, and the right case, but understanding of what Title IX covers in sexual
harassment will eventually be determined by justices, I am sure. The OCR
guidance was a good beginning. Nabozny's case, using different law, is also a
helpful decision for this issue (Ashland,WI and the resultant "high" monetary

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Subject: Oncale Case
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Date: 3/6/98 6:04 PM

Does anyone know how likely it is that the
Supreme Court's decision this week on the Oncale
same-sex harassment case will result in cases
arising from _sexual-orientation_ harassment?

I've heard this in some of the coverage, but was
under the impression that previously (including
in the OCR Guidance on sexual harassment) sex-
orientation harassment has definitely _not_ been

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