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Mon, 09 Mar 98 09:56:40 -0700

I'm sure there are more of you than you realize who have done this. It
reminds me of when I was sitting in the audience of a panel of women
in science and engineering who swore they had never received any
discriminatory treatment in their education or job, but were giving
examples of it right and left.

I think we must start recognizing positive examples of people who
exemplify equitible practice and put them forth as people to emulate.
The fight againse inequities is necessary but there is another side.
What can we do to promote teachers/sons/business people/engineering
schools, etc. who are doing a good job on this issue?


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Subject: Re: Re[4]: profeminist men
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Date: 3/6/98 10:26 AM

We just realized, my husband and I by reading Jane's letter that we too raised
a pro-feminist young man !!!My son is 26 years old, A professional soccer player
in Costa Rica and he is trying to go AGAINST a 100ft. wave by trying to form a
girls soccer team in Costa Rica. He was raised to respect and admire women. How
that has slipped our minds and just became obvious to us is incredible.
Lesemann <>

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