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I agree with Peggy. In all of my years of teacher advocacy work, I
found that if you can make the change a winning one for the
teacher/administrator/etc. as well as winning for you, the better you
all are and the more likely these people are to work with you in the
future. I would take the complaint in a thoughtful, logical, legal
manner up the grievance procedure as far as I could go before bringing
in the press or outside assistance...not that I wouldn't use outside
assistance, but not call in the big guns unless I needed them.
Confrontation tends to build walls. What you are hoping for is to open
doors for all students to a better education.

Marty Henry

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Date: 3/9/98 11:41 AM

Title VII could be invoked if the issue were one of discrimination in
terms/conditions of employment. A teacher's refusal to include
information in a particular curriculum is a very thorny issue, I believe. I
have seen school parents form groups of five (There seems to be
something powerful with things numbering five) and then go to the
school board to request to speak in the public engagement portion of the
school board meeting. I am thinking of a case where the newspaper in
the town really picked up on that. I know of other instances where the
PTA/PTO group prepared bulletin boards and classroom treats with info
on them to supplement the curriculum. The school teacher dodn't turn
those "goodies" down. As to litigation, that should (in my opinion) be the
last resort of a desparate person....


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Peggy: another question is If one seems to have not too strong a case
under TITLE IX because of a teacher's refusal to include women in a
presentation can a person file complaints for this kind of discrimination
under something else ? Title
VII for example ?
Lesemann <>

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