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The Title IX discussion has been interesting.

A related issue came up last week that I would appreciate a response to.

Several local AAUW branches put on annual conferences for 5th and 6th
grade girls to cultivate interest in math and science careers.
(GEMS-Girls Engaged in Math and Science) I learned that the Department of
Education was reluctant to send student information home this year because
they feared a Title IX complaint in the name of a male student as boys
are not included.

My response was that this is a private organization, and the Schools were
only conveying information. Upon additional reflection, I must add that
they (AAUW) get a very small amount of material support from my office in
that we use federal funds to print the materials for the vent.

I am not aware of a similar opportunity for boys.

Any opinions?
Barbara Tavares
University of Hawaii

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