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There are already appellate cases out there that consider same gender
sexual harassment as actionable under Title IX. See Kinman v. Omaha
Public Schools (8th Circuit). The OCR guidelines issued in March, 1997,
also supports same gender actions under Title IX.



Sue Sattel wrote:
> Understanding of what Title VII covers has just been expanded. It will take a
> while, and the right case, but understanding of what Title IX covers in sexual
> harassment will eventually be determined by justices, I am sure. The OCR
> guidance was a good beginning. Nabozny's case, using different law, is also a
> helpful decision for this issue (Ashland,WI and the resultant "high" monetary
> settlement).
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> Subject: Oncale Case
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> Date: 3/6/98 6:04 PM
> Does anyone know how likely it is that the
> Supreme Court's decision this week on the Oncale
> same-sex harassment case will result in cases
> arising from _sexual-orientation_ harassment?
> I've heard this in some of the coverage, but was
> under the impression that previously (including
> in the OCR Guidance on sexual harassment) sex-
> orientation harassment has definitely _not_ been
> covered.
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