Title IX and Title VII

Linda Purrington (lpurring@earthlink.net)
Mon, 09 Mar 1998 21:47:07 -0800

I've had the same problem, Peggy--as far as I have been able to
discover, Title VII has the head start on Title IX for case law; and
therefore it is a stronger law. But the argument could well be made that
lawyers should file under both laws, so that Title IX would receive the
benefit of expanding case law. What do you think? (And thank you so
much for your contributions; this discussion is proving very useful!

Linda Purrington <lpurring@earthlink.net>
> Actually, in Region VII, the Office for Civil Rights has informed me that
> employment complaints under Title IX are usually "turned into" Title VII
> claims by an interagency agreement w/ EEOC. I find this problemmatic on
> two fronts: first, not all of our public school districts here have 15 or
> more employees, and, second, Title VII caps awards for sexual
> harassment while Title IX does not. When I asked OCR here about these
> points, I got a "nonresponse" response. Region VII OCR did noter that
> they only turn over complaints if they are purely employemnt-related.
> PEGGY WEEKS <peggy_w@nde4.nde.state.ne.us>

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