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=B7 Overcoming Odds. By the year 2000, over half the world's population
will be under age 20. Over 80% of young people live in developing
countries. (youth: partners for action. 1995)

=B7 Hungry for Knowledge. Worldwide, illiteracy is 40% higher among young
women ages 15-24 than among young men the same age. Over 107 million
young women in developing countries are illiterate. (UNESCO, 1990)

=B7 Degrees of Inequality. In developing countries, young women's
enrollment in universities is only 57% of young men's enrollment.
(Population Reference Bureau, 1995)

=B7 Doing More with Less. Around the world, women are paid an average of
30-40% less than men for the same work. Out of every four households
throughout the globe, one is headed by a woman. (UN CyberSchoolBus,

=B7 Who'll Be Our Role Models? Two out of every three adults on the plane=
are women. Yet only 11.7% of elected representatives in the world's
legislatures are women. Of the 185 highest ranking United Nations
diplomats only eight are women. And only 24 women have been elected
heads of state or government in this century. (United Nations, 1997)

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