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Marty Henry (
Tue, 10 Mar 98 10:31:05 -0700

I really don't have any specific ideas but think we could make use of
these types of people during already scheduled events. Myra Sadker
day, equity conferences on all levels, teacher conferences, etc.,
could feature speakers, special sessions on their practice or process,
parent involvement sessions at schools could feature these identified

You can see I am reaching and open to anything. The first job is, of
course, to identify them. I know of a few teachers in places I have
taught who would be good candidates. It would just take organizing and
contacting a few key people who could include them in programs, etc.
There are certainly people on this list who are doing great jobs as
parents. Perhaps they would be available to speak to regional or state
conferences to talk wiht parents and school personnel who are trying
hard to establish parent involvement programs.

In other media, equity publications could feature individuals who we
could identify, on a periodic basis. Perhaps one of our participants
on this list whose organization has a web page would consent to
feature practice that has been effective, both professional and
personal/family. These could change regularly and the past ones could
be archived for reference. I believe as people become aware of the
characteristics (another thing to work on) of prople who influence
young people to become people aware and working toward equity for all,
more will become visible.

This is strictly from the top of my head. I'm willing to work on this
with anyone who has other ideas.

Marty Henry

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Subject: Re: Re[6]: profeminist men
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I'd be interested in hearing your ideas on promoting individuals, assume both
male and female, who live and practice equity.

IJane Sheeran

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