Title IX and Title VII -Reply

PEGGY WEEKS (peggy_w@nde4.nde.state.ne.us)
Wed, 11 Mar 1998 08:59:43 -0600

One could certainly file an employment claim under both Title VII and Title
IX, as far as that goes. The problem is that, in some OCR regions, the
Title IX claim would not be dealt with until the Title VII issue were handled.
Once again, this seems to be the informal "agreement" between EEOC
and OCR. THe risk is always there that a Title VII finding of no cause
could then lead OCR to a similar finding- even though the investigative
process is quite different between these two laws. Here in Nebraska I
have seen citations in pleadings of multiple statutes, but mostly framed in
constitutional cases with no action being brought under the state/federal
laws cited. My real honest preference is to go with Title IX if possible
because it is more useful (from a layperson's perspective) as to filing,
rules of evidence, and so on. But that is my preference. Others may
really disagree w/ that. That's ok!

PEGGY WEEKS <peggy_w@nde4.nde.state.ne.us>

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