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Marty Henry (
Wed, 11 Mar 98 13:05:18 -0700

The unfortunate thing about what you discuss is that some people
within the movement for gender equity do not recognize that
discrimination takes place within the schools. I do not refer to most
people on this list, of course, but was astounded to be having dinner
with a person who publishes on gender equity and the feminist movement
in general who said to me and the group at dinner that the problem of
inequitible practices in schools had disappeared. I suggested that she
might want to reinvestigate that situation!

Marty Henry

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Subject: Re: what constituted discrimination? -Reply -Reply
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Date: 3/9/98 7:41 PM

Yes, I have suspected for a long time that when a teacher refused to present a
non-biased non-discriminatory curriculum to her/his class it would be a
''thorny'' issue
in terms of treating it as a ''legal'' issue. That is Totally unfortunate
because this
kind of refusal is in fact ''denying'' my daughter and the other girls the
right to be
educated with the same treatment that their male counterparts automatically
enjoy. That is why TITLE IX is confusing. AS long as we don't find or have
some kind of legal backing to compell the schools to teach without prejudism
and sexism we are
in big trouble. The question of Sexual discrimination and sexual harrasment is
prety much ''under the rug'' and I see this discrimination as strong as ever
the exception that ''everyone ''is carefull ''to do it'' quietly'' But the
fact remains that
discrimination is as ''there'' as ever and as ''lethal'' as ever. As long as
we can't
change it from the root, meaning through ''educationn in our schools'' we have
gone as far as we should. So it remains a FACT that when the music teacher
refuses to give information to her female students because of her own sexism
we have no legal remedy. ???except of course to try other means to ''change
school's mind'' by ways that are carefull no to go too far or we will be told
to go ?? Because we get a sense here that the school my daughter goes to will
as soon as they find that we, the parents of this girl, ''have gone too far''
I certainly
would not take this incident to court because Iam almost sure it would not
although Iam not an attorney. For what I understand TITLE IX does not protect
daughter against the sexist practices of this teacher. Do I understand this


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