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Marty Henry (
Wed, 11 Mar 98 13:15:26 -0700

Could you share your mistakes so we won't make the same ones?!


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Subject: promoting profeminists
Author: <> at Internet-Mail
Date: 3/9/98 10:00 PM

We decided to give out gender equity awards in our community, and
although we made some egregious mistakes, the notion was immediately
emulated around town, and has made people understand that you can get
career points for supporting gender equity, which helps interest
teachers, etc., in the idea. We annnounced the awards in the media,
publicized them, and offered tips on what we would look for in local
programs and teachers in the future. A lot of fun, too, and very
positive! Linda Purrington, Title IX Advocates. <>


Sheeran176 wrote:
> Marty,
> I'd be interested in hearing your ideas on promoting individuals, assume both
> male and female, who live and practice equity.
> IJane Sheeran

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