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>Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley
>Position: Applications are being accepted immediately to fill two
>positions of Senior Educator at the Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS),
>University of California at Berkeley. LHS is seeking two inspirational
>leaders to play major roles in planning and shaping the future direction of
>LHS programs. Extensive and diverse experience in science and/or
>mathematics education is required, including broad knowledge of the
>national science and mathematics reform movement. The Senior Educators
>will participate in the management of the Center for School Change, and in
>the leadership of all LHS education programs.
>Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS): LHS is a singular resource center for
>pre-school through high school science and mathematics education, and a
>public science center with compelling interactive experiences for learners
>of all ages. Established in 1968 at the University of California at
>Berkeley, LHS is a national leader in the development of curricula and
>programs for students, teachers, families and the public. Each year, LHS
>directly provides professional development workshops and institutes for
>over 22,000 educators; and science and math experiences for over 350,000
>students. In addition, about one-in-five students across the country in
>grades K-12 use science and math instructional materials developed by LHS.
>The LHS Center for School Change is a major new initiative. The Center
>helps schools and school systems to respond effectively to the rapid pace
>of change in our society. The Center provides sustained, coordinated
>support for K-12 schools interested in achieving long-lasting systemic
>reform. This type of support enables schools to develop highest quality
>comprehensive, inquiry-based science and mathematics programs. The Center
>focuses on the following elements of systemic reform:
>* Curriculum design and coordination, especially within math and science
>* Implementation of national and state standards and benchmarks
>* Coordinate professional development by combining institutes, inservice
> and sitebased support with curriculum implementation
>* Equity and access, especially addressing needs of English language
> learners
>* Performance-based assessment
>* Innovative new approaches to pre-service and new teacher education
>* Parent & family involvement
>* Technology in education
>Duties and Responsibilities:
>Incumbents will serve as senior science/math educator to provide creative
>and imaginative leadership for the Center for School Change activities and
>initiatives: one position is to lead our teacher education and professional
>development programs, and another is to lead LHS student and family
>programs. Both positions will initiate grant and other funding proposals
>for the continued growth of the Center for School Change, direct the
>development of new programs, manage a large budget and supervise a large
>staff (ensuring the growth and capacity of both people and programs), serve
>on the Center for School Change management team and help guide long-range
>planning. Position one (Director of Professional Development), incumbent
>will cultivate and foster the growth of partnerships with schools,
>including assessing the needs of specific schools and recommending
>appropriate treatments, including focus on design of custom professional
>development programs for teachers and administrators. Position two
>(Director of Student and Family Programs), incumbent will direct the
>Student and Family Programs component of the Center for School Change,
>including design of custom school programs that deliver direct service to
>students and families, including re-design of the existing LHS school
>programs to maximize their impact on improving K-12 science and math
>Qualifications Required (degree, field, professional experience):
>B.A./B.S. (higher degree preferred) with a strong background in science,
>math and/or education; strong academic and management leadership abilities;
>demonstrated ability to turn an ambitious vision into a working reality;
>in-depth knowledge of (direct experience preferred) the science and/or math
>education reform movement at the national level; demonstrated record
>managing a large staff and budget; expertise in at least several areas of
>systemic reform; experience and insight to assess the needs of diverse
>schools and recommend appropriate long term solutions that fill those
>needs; a productive record seeking and obtaining grants and extramural
>support; and excellent public speaking, communication and writing skills
>Salary and Appointment:
>Appointment is subject to annual performance reviews and available funding.
>The yearly salary range is between $58,400 to $73,400 (Coordinator of
>Public Programs V-VI), depending on experience and qualifications.
>Application Procedure:
>Submit a letter of application, resume, and names, phone numbers and
>addresses of three professional references to:
>Craig Strang, Associate Director, Lawrence Hall of Science, University of
>California, Berkeley, CA 94720-5200
>All materials must be received by March 31, 1998
>For more information about LHS, visit our website:
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>The University of California is an equal opportunity, affirmative action
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