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JenPiazza (
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 11:49:28 EST

I am all for doing something to recognize people who have been promoting
gender equity in the workplace and in the calssroom. On my campus we have an
award given to someone on the faculty who promotes gender equity. Recently
this went to a man who has fought to have women on his faculty. On one hand I
am pleased with his efforts and glad he could be recognized for such efforts.
On the other hand, I know of numerous situations which demonstrate these women
do not have the same voice in his office as men in his office. As I said, I
am all for rewarding these people and asking them to speak prominently, but in
giving our rewards, we have to be careful that the recipients are not only
promoting women's issues in public or politically, but also that these people
practice privately what they support in public. This is harder for any of us
to determine. So I ask, in giving these rewards or recommending someone as a
speaker, what would be the criteria for nominating someone?

JenPiazza <>

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