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Robert Weverka (
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 09:05:27 -0700 wrote:
> The legal issues surrounding single sex education are pretty much
> settled. Public single sex schools are ILLEGAL under the 14th
> Amendment, NOT under Title IX. If anyone wants to challenge a single
> sex public school, he/she will win. The US Supreme Court's decision in
> U.S. v. Virginia (the VMI case) settles this.

There is no doubt that the new schools in California are public schools.
These schools were set up with the attempt to provide "seperate but equal"
schools for boys and girls. That attempt was seen by the instigators of this
effort as enough to make these schools legal. A challenge in court will be
required to show that they are illegal.

Today's Times has an article on the AAUW position on this

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