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Robert Weverka (
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 16:02:08 -0700

Linda Purrington wrote:
> That's interesting. I suspect that ww will never get equity until men
> begin taking on child care, nursing, etc. "pink-collar" type jobs on, so
> that the fundamental inequity of women's unpaid second job at home is
> wiped out as the basis ofr the larger wage economy.

Absolutely. In promoting equity, I would promote getting more men in both the
"pink-collar" type jobs and in the at-home jobs. An equal number of men in
nursing is an integral part of equity by sex.

> It would probably
> be a prerequisite to solving the male dominance of such crimes as sexual
> assault against children, women, and other men.

I think the relationship between education and crime is an important one (an
attempt to keep this on subject for the list).

> Maybe another thousand
> years, if we are lucky and we all call 1-888-NOT-2LATE so that the world
> does not collapse from overpopulation in the meantime?

I get the hint.
It is apparent that by promoting this part of equity in education, the part
that would encourage men to get as many degrees as women by increasing the
numbers of men in fields where they have been traditionally excluded, I am
writing to the list about portions of Educational Equity which you would have
us put aside for now. Perhaps you are right. Perhaps today's political
climate only admits efforts promoting Equity for Women and not promoting
Equity for Men too. I find that unfortunate, but nevertheless I remain a
supporter of Equity for Both Sexes.

Robert Weverka <>

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