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One of our worst mistakes was not doing the necessary research: we
no;minated one principal and it went to the paers, only t;o find out
that he had been putting down the girls quiet for moonths, and parents
had protested, but no one had heard about this situation. This is alos
a very good reason to go public--I think schools are so used to
intimidation and silencing, that parents don't get a chance to say "Hey,
me too!" and to find a support network that way. I would start with a
fairly general letter to the editor of the local press, about Title IX
in general, and giving a contact number. The reports of discrimination
then have a chance to be aired in private and liaisons built before
anyone has to go out there alone.
Another mistake we made was in audaciously (we thought) nominating
three men for the first round. They tended to just look smug and the
community thought that was the way to go--give it to men to thank them
for being halfway nice. the awards should definitely go at least
equally; women's teaching achievement should not be ripped off by men
who are building careers with male affirmative action. TIXA
Linda Purrington <>


Marty Henry wrote:
> Could you share your mistakes so we won't make the same ones?!
> Marty
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> Subject: promoting profeminists
> Author: <> at Internet-Mail
> Date: 3/9/98 10:00 PM
> We decided to give out gender equity awards in our community, and
> although we made some egregious mistakes, the notion was immediately
> emulated around town, and has made people understand that you can get
> career points for supporting gender equity, which helps interest
> teachers, etc., in the idea. We annnounced the awards in the media,
> publicized them, and offered tips on what we would look for in local
> programs and teachers in the future. A lot of fun, too, and very
> positive! Linda Purrington, Title IX Advocates. <>
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> Sheeran176 wrote:
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> > Marty,
> > I'd be interested in hearing your ideas on promoting individuals, assume
> > male and female, who live and practice equity.
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> > IJane Sheeran
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